Exchanging seeds, knowledge and local dishes: small steps on the road to food sovereignty.

  The fourth annual Intercambio de Semillas y Saberes, Exchange of Seeds and Knowledge, took place this year in Pichilin on September 19th. It’s a time for the surrounding communities to come together, and as the title implies, exchange their knowledge about the land and their plants as well as their seeds. It was a... Continue Reading →


How our Villa Barbara Experimental Farm furthers our mission for peace.

The Villa Barbara experimental farm is an indispensable part of Sembrandopaz. As marked on the sign when you enter the farm, it is a “santuario de paz,” or a sanctuary of peace. The people, the animals, and the nature all play equal roles in bringing about such a peaceful feeling. The farm is roughly 50... Continue Reading →

What does the Environment have to do with Peace?

When I was studying social work, I never imagined that my future job would include investigating rivers.    But it did.  And it totally makes sense.   In Sembrandopaz we accompany community processes that work towards building peace and promoting reconciliation.  As the coordinator of youth accompaniment, I got to know groups of youth from different communities who are dedicated to transforming their region and are confident that peace is possible.  One of the main focuses of these youth is protecting and taking care of their environment.

Visitor’s Viewpoint: Visiting a FARC camp.

By Richard Boren, Founder, Friends of Sembrandopaz. After spending several weeks in Colombia in Sucre province visiting Sembrandopaz, I traveled to Cesar province to visit the FARC demobilization camp there. The camps were established in February 2017 and there are twenty-five nationwide. Sembrandopaz staff had visited this camp several times with community leaders and the... Continue Reading →

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